6 Popular Cuts Of Beef Explained

6 Popular Cuts Of Beef Explained

6 Popular Cuts Of Beef Explained

If you love eating beef, it is important to know about the popular cuts that characterise the quality of meat. Often, muscles that do the least work are the most tender. Also, the farther it is from the hoof, the cut is usually more tender. You should know as much as possible about the cuts of beef that you purchase which is why it is important to shop with G.J. Honour, your local butcher market in Guildford. Shopping with a local butcher market means you get a wide range of specialty services including butcher meat online, butcher shop online ordering, and butcher deliveries in Guildford.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular cuts of beef available at your local butcher market:

T-Bone And Porterhouse (Short Loin)- these cuts have T-shaped lumbar vertebra and oblique muscles on both sides, grouped together as short loin. T-bone steaks are located closer to the front part of the short loin, while porterhouse is at the rear end. A smaller T-bone is called fillet steak in Ireland and Commonwealth countries. T-bone steak has a rich, beefy flavour, while porterhouse is usually marbled, juicy, tender, and extra-thick.

Sirloin- top sirloin is what’s left from the sirloin after the bottom round muscles, tenderloin and the bone have been removed. This means, top sirloin is consisted of biceps femoris and gluteus medius muscles. It has good flavour and is suitable for pan frying, sautéing, grilling, and broiling.

Brisket- brisket is taken from the lower chest or breast of beef. It includes the deep and superficial pectoral muscles. These muscles support more than half of the animal’s body weight because cattle don’t have collar bones. This means, briskets contain a lot of connective tissue. Properly tenderised brisket is good for barbecuing or for making homemade corned beef.

Chuck- this cut is taken from around the front shoulder of the cattle. The cut has rectangular shape and about 2.5cm thick. Because the muscle moves a lot, chuck is tough, but it has good flavour, due to the presence of gristle and fat. People often use chuck as pot roast or burger patties. It’s a classic cut for burger that gives you amazing flavour.

Rib- this cut of beef is taken from the rib section of cattle. The most popular section is rib-eye, with its excess fat removed. Quality rib-eye steak is taken from the upper rib cage area with muscles that don’t move much. It is both tender and flavourful with decent marbling.

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